What Is A Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants are an alternative funeral option for those seeking a more personal, non-religious ceremony of much deeper meaning. This style of ceremony centres much more on the precious memories of mourners, how the person lived life and their unique personality traits. In short, celebrants focus on the ‘celebration of life’ that cherishes your loved ones precious memory.

Why Should You Use A Funeral Celebrant?

  • If you would like to appoint someone to oversee the main speaking role in the funeral service
  • If you want someone more flexible and approachable than a traditional minister
  • To help structure your loved one’s ceremony and make sure you have every detail covered

Planning A Funeral Celebration

When it comes to planning your loved ones celebration, you may be uncertain of what questions to ask. You can begin this process by considering the following points:

  • Can you visit me at my home?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Can you give me a script of the funeral afterwards?
  • How much do you charge per celebration?
  • When can I contact you to discuss funeral arrangements?

A Free 1 Hour Consultancy

Susan offers a free hour of consultancy for each family, giving you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether to choose a Funeral Director or to make your own arrangements. She can advise you on how to do it all yourself or alternatively you can enlist her to help as an officiant. Whatever choice you make, Susan will gladly offer her support and guidance whilst you make funeral arrangements for your loved one.

Service Fees

For initial discussions lasting longer than an hour, a charge is made of £15.00 per hour. However, there is no need for the conversation to last any longer than this unless the discussion develops into making funeral arrangements.

    • Taking a service = £50.00 for 30 mins within a 10 mile radius (taking a service at Glynn Valley Crematorium)
    • Taking a service = £75.00 for 30 mins or time allowed at Crematorium (Penmount Truro)
    • Taking a service = £100.00 for 30 mins or time allowed at Crematorium (Exeter/Barnstaple)
    • Venues further afield than this are charged at 0.45p per mile after an initial fee of £100.00

Susan is also available to take the services on designated land (i.e burials) priced at the same bands in the above section.

Full payment must take place before the service takes place (unless prior arrangements are made by a Funeral Director). Accepted payment methods include card, cheque, cash, bank transfer or via PayPal.